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About Red Theatre

Regard as the big success Kung Fu show stages in Beijing, the Red theatre have made it a legend in the performing arts market. The best Kung Fu practitioners from all over China have been found for this production and shows on the stage, complete with requisite lights, fog and bombastic music.
The Red Theatre is Originally known as Chongwen Worker’s Cultural Palace Theatre. After the renovation, the stage facilities has been dramatically improved and now the theatre specializes in traditional Chinese Kung Fu show – The Legend of Kung Fu.


History of Red Theatre

The Legend of Kung Fu, presented by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (CHC) — China’s leading performance art production company, every night have Kungfu show at Red Theatre. is a must-see production in Beijing for tourists and Kung Fu lovers. A group of the best Kung Fu practitioners of China are collected and the best directors and designers of the country are invited by CHC. There are English subtitles shown above the stage to keep you informed of the story line. There is no speaking of the actors, just Kung fu show, dance and acrobatics. The fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional martial arts makes this performance unique and spectacular.
The Legend of Kung Fu Show is a mix of traditional martial arts and modern theatre. Presenting stunning Kung Fu skills, exquisite ballet and music, this beautiful story in no doubt has become the most loved Kung Fu show in China.

Map of Red Theatre

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Red Theatre – Legend of Kungfu Show

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