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About Chaoyang Theatre

The Chaoyang Theatre is the most-talked about acrobatic theatre in Beijing, where you can enjoy a high quality of acrobatic performance. Every night Chaoyang theatre opens up its treasure trove to bring in the best that almost leaves you speechless.
Chaoyang Theatre was built in 1984 and was chosen as one of the best Chinese cultural centers in 2001. It is a two-storied building with 22 rows in the first floor. The first floor can accommodate over 800 people and second floor has a capacity of housing 598 people.


History of Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre is proud to present, “The Flying Acrobatic Show”. Performed by highly-trained Chinese acrobats & circus performers, known as the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.
Action packed with outstanding feats, beautiful choreography, color and excitement — the show is one of the favorite nightlife venues in the wondrous “City of Peking”. From contortionist acts to high wire stunts, this performance has it all. Now is your chance to witness the most extreme acrobat skill in China, at the theater known to be the best acrobatic show in Beijing.

Map of Chaoyang Theatre

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