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About Badaling Great Wall

The start of building Great Wall is from Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC – 476 BC).
During the early period of Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), the government moved its capital from Nanjing to Beijing. Afterwards the emperor Zhudi attached great importance to the rebuilding of the Great wall as a key defense project against the northern invaders. One of the famous generals QiJiGuang was named as supervisor general for the construction of Badaling Great Wall project. General QiJiGuang was known for the leadership in the battle against Japanese pirates in East China Sea.
Ming government spent eight years in building the Great Wall.


History of Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall winds its way among the undulating high peaks north of Beijing City. The Wall consists of two pass cities: Ju Yong Wai Zheng (Juyong Outer Town) in the east and Bei Men Suo Yao (the Lock and Key of the Northern Gate) in the west. The pass was built in 1505.
Juyongguan Great Wall is located around 20 km south of Badaling Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is in the same valley (Guan Valley) with Juyongguan Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is on the upper end of the valley; while Juyongguan is on the other lower end. In the past, Badaling was the gateway to Juyongguan Great Wall. Badaling commands the highest point of the valley.
This Great Wall was attached with great military importance. An old Chinese saying tells the crucial position of Badaling: if one man guards the pass, ten thousand cannot get through.
The highest point of Badaling Great Wall is Beibalou Chinese: 北八楼), approximately 1,015 m above sea level.

Map of Badaling Great Wall

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