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45 Awesome Landmarks Around The World

45 Awesome Landmarks Around The World

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Landmarks are often structures such as cathedralsmuseumsskyscrapershotelshomeslibrariesbridges and ruins. Natural phenomena in physical features such as mountains rock formations, rivers and waterfalls, can also be chosen as landmarks if they have special historical, architectural, or cultural significance. Historical landmarks are not just tourist attractions, they serves as a commemoration of a remarkably important national event. This allows us and for generations to come, to remember great cultures and events of the past that is worthy to record in its own history.

To photographers, these landmarks are like invitations; a challenge to bring the best of out them in photos. Below are some of the best and well-selected photos of different historical landmarks from around the world. Landmarks that I’ve included here are so famous that almost everybody knew how they look like, but no everyone has seen this side of the landmark. So here it is, 45 photos of famous landmarks around the world taken in awe-inspiring perspectives, sorting by country names. Enjoy.


Ayers Rock. Australia. (Image source: Floydian)

Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia. (Image source: Gun Sydney)


Angkor Wat. Siem Reap, Cambodia. (Image source: Hahli9)


Great Wall. China. (Image source: Jmdiocos)


Christ on the Corcovado. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Image source: Kalamu)


Niagara Falls. Canada, USA borders. (Image source: Flipkeat)


Sphinx Egypt. Giza, Egypt. (Image source: Matt Champlin)

Great Pyramid of Giza. El Gizeh, Egypt. (Image source: Matt Champlin)


Bank of England. London, England. (Image source: Acuity)

St Paul Cathedral. London, England. (Image source: Spendavis)

Stonehenge. Salisbury Plain, England. (Image source: Thpeter)

Buckingham Palace. London, England. (Image source: Robert Beardwell)

Big Ben. London, England. (Image source: Paweldomaradzki)


Arc de Triomphe. Paris, France. (Image source: Allard One)

Eiffel Tower. Paris, France. (Image source: Dje514)

Notre Dame. Paris, France. (Image source: Jpgmn)


The Brandenburg Gate. Berlin, Germany. (Image source: Gdphotography)

Neuschwanstein. Fuessen, Germany.(Image source: Wohli)


Acropolis of Greece. Athens, Greece. (Image source: Darrell Godliman)


Taj-Mahal. India. (Image source: Gilad)

Sahib Golden Temple. Amritsar, India. (Image source: Angad)


Colosseum. Rome, Italy. (Image source: Joanot)

Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa, Italy. (Image source: Crimsonlipstain)

Sistine Chapel. Rome, Italy. (Image source: R.o.b.e.r.t.o.)


The Great Buddha. Kamakura, Japan. (Image source: Theraider)


Petra. Jordan. (Image source: Mikeb79)


Chichen Itza. Yucatan State, Mexico. (Image source: Mananetwork)


Machu Picchu. Cuzco, Peru. (Image source: Szeke)


Kremlin. Moscow, Russia. (Image source: InObrAS)

St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow, Russia. (Image source: Soleterranean)

Saudi Arabia

Masjid AL Haram. Makkah, Saudi Arabia. (Image source: Twip)


Balmoral Castle. Aberdeenshire, Scotland. (Image source: John Rogers)


Alhambra. Granada, Spain. (Image source: Photoskimo)

Casa Mila. Barcelona, Spain. (Image source: R.Duran)


Blue Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey. (Image source: Dleiva)

Hagia Sophia. Istanbul, Turkey. (Image source: Lady Gigi)

United States of America

Capitol Hill. Washington, DC, USA. (Image source: Gursesl)

The White House. Washington, D.C, USA. (Image source: xlivingdeadgirl)

Statue Of Liberty. New York, USA. (Image source: PortraitOfaLife)

Bryce Canyon. Utah, USA. (Image source: MLGn00beater)

Empire State Building. New York, USA. (Image source: Arnold Pouteau)

Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, USA. (Image source: Kaoni701)

Central Park. New York, USA. (Image source: Kw~ny)


Angel Falls. Bolivar State, Venezuela. (Image source: Michael Anderson)


Victoria Falls. Zambia, Zimbabwe. (Image source: Botswanaodyssey)

A Call for more

The showcase here are probably just scratching the surface of what’s best out there. But this collection is limited by my researches based on what I know and what I’ve heard of. So this is a call for more – If you think there are some notable landmarks worth mentioning that We’ve missed out, do contact us. Thanks!

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